What is missing in today's Healthcare Ecosystem in India?

May 29, 2023

India's Healthcare Ecosystem 

The COVID-19 pandemic was a great teacher for the Indian society to realise the irregularities in the country's healthcare system. Currently, 60% of health services are delivered by private healthcare providers in the country. This deficiency in public health services is now being addressed with a rise in investments from the government. India ranks 66 amongst 195 nations on the Global Health Security (GHS) Index. Surveys conducted across the nation have led to an understanding of gaps in India's healthcare ecosystem that need to be addressed.

Factors Causing Disruption of the Healthcare Ecosystem

Inequality of healthcare services

Due to rising financial crises and disproportionate services, an increasing number of healthcare professionals work amongst suburban and urban populations. There is a lack of primary structural healthcare. Rural populations are let out of the health brigade, leaving them with only primary healthcare support in rural areas and the need to move to urban healthcare facilities, often private organisations for extended support.

Disregarding preventive health care

The key goal for any community should be preventive medicine i.e to prevent diabetes, prevent cancer, and prevent heart attacks - some of the most common illnesses and lifestyle conditions in the country. Surveys and research into preventive healthcare show that more focus is placed on treating the ill rather than preventing the illness. This increases the burden on the healthcare system.

Technological advances

Though there are numerous advantages of technology when it comes to early diagnosis and treatment, they fail to replace the human touch and more so, as an inexpensive universal solution concerning rural communities.

Lack of an integrated collaboration between healthcare providers

Various sections of the healthcare provider network fail to collaborate at the patient care level. This leads to a mismatch, causing an increase in health management costs, financial losses, and reduced patient compliance.

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