Health benefits that keeps your team healthy

Move out from buying benefits for just checking the box to investing in healthcare that actually keeps your team healthy proactively.

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Accountable care, healthier teams, lower costs

Most health benefits are never utilised by your team. As a result, your team neither benefits nor stays healthy. Circle Health takes accountability of your team’s health and ensures all benefits are used, especially preventive care.

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The Old Way

Usually, you pay for health benefits for all employees, but only 5-10% end up using them.

The Circle Way

Circle Health takes complete accountability for your team’s health to drive a healthier, more productive team.

*Note - Circle Health does not sell insurance to its clients.

Caring for your team

End-to-end accountability; no fuss

Dedicated care manager (SPOC) as health concierges to provide round-the-clock care- from planned/emergency hospitalisations to managing your everyday health needs.

Free consultations. Discounted tests & meds

Free consultations with circle doctors, nutritionists, psychologists & physiotherapists. 24x7 doctor & care manager support, discounted tests & medicines at your door.

Personalised health plans

We deeply understand each person’s health risk & what diseases they would be most prone to in the next 5-10 years and help mitigate those today.

Led by healthcare professionals who care

Nutritionists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Fitness Experts as care managers to ensure a circle of care around you.

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Caring for your team’s home team

In our busy lives, our family’s health often gets ignored. While you work hard, we work hard to ensure your parents and family are well taken care of and healthy.

Making your life easy; HRs and Admins

Benefits utilisation, not just coverage

Constant follow-ups to ensure higher utilisation of personalised preventive care screenings & consults for your employees and their dependents.

Insights on team's health

Dashboard to view claims, add/remove employees and view your team's health insights. This in turn helps you take necessary steps to keep your team healthy & happy.

Save big on future health cover

Psst. Letting you in on a secret! Ensuring preventive care not only saves you oodles of cash on hospital bills and claims but also lowers your premiums.

Solve people's problems, not just benefits

Once Circle Health starts working with you, our Care Managers will become the first point of contact for any health-related queries.

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Trusted by companies that take charge of their employee's health

Our care managers, your team's extended family

Our Care Managers take charge of your team’s health and ensure that everything that can be done to keep your team healthy is done. It’s like having a medical expert right in your family.

Over 200 years of deep medical expertise to drive your team’s health

Circle Health doctors are amongst the most qualified, experienced and, most importantly, the most compassionate doctors in the country. With direct experience working in accountable care setups like NHS and the Indian Army, there is no better care your team can get.

Human-driven, Tech-enabled

We don’t give you an app and make it impossible to reach a human for your healthcare. We give you a human and give you apps to make it easier to work with the human on your health.

Seamless Benefits Processing

Our user-friendly dashboards simplify the process of managing benefits throughout your organisation, ensuring effortless management for you

Deep & Frequent Health Insights

Gain insight into the well-being of your team to ensure their health and happiness through a comprehensive overview.

Employee App

Our user-friendly application provides a seamless experience for you and your team to conveniently access our range of benefits.

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