Staying Fit During the Festive Season

May 29, 2023

The festive season must be enjoyed – good food, family time, and celebrations are something we all look forward to. So, during this time, even those who are otherwise health conscious, it is very easy to lose sight of your health and fitness.

But having fun should never mean compromising on your health. We just need to be a little cautious and have some tricks up our sleeves that won’t deprive us of our favourite festive feasts.

So, here are some hacks to eat healthily during festivities.

Mindfully choose and eat your food

Mindful eating means attentively eating food by involving all your senses. It eliminates distraction and helps you chew well, so you will easily sense when you are full and satiated. It helps in avoiding overeating and makes you choose healthier alternatives.

Be careful of portion size

Don’t give up on your favourite foods completely. Eat everything in small portions. Take half of the standard serving size and savour it slowly.

Choose healthy alternatives

Choose roasted foods over deep-fried foods, as those are helpful for a healthy heart. Prefer desserts that are moderately sweet and have some fibre content in them. This helps in avoiding instant blood sugar spikes. When you feel like munching on snacks, choose nuts, seeds instead of fried chips and cookies.

Strike a balance

If you end up gorging on foods with unhealthy fats and refined sugar, follow that up with something healthy. Choose green salads, vegetable soup, vitamin-rich smoothies or a platter of fruits for your next meal. Try detoxifying herbal teas or spiced decoctions post heavy meals.

Stay hydrated

Sometimes our bodies confuse our thirst with hunger when dehydrated. Keep sipping water throughout the day to avoid unnecessary eating. It also keeps you from feeling fatigued and removes undigested toxins from the body. 

Enjoy the festive season to the fullest without compromising your health!

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