Cancer of Cervix: Causes & Prevention

May 29, 2023

Cancer of the Cervix in women is undoubtedly the most extensively studied & understood among various cancers. As Prevention is always better than cure , I am confident, that the brief information provided here will help you understand and take preventive measures to curb its development.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV-a few strains) is responsible for producing a disease ‘CERVICAL DYSPLASIA’ which can lead to Cancer. Some strains of this virus produce the harassing genital warts.This virus is transmitted through sexual contact. Women starting their sexual life very early or with multiple partners are more susceptible. The paradox is risk is increased   even  if the spouse has multiple sexual partners .

Most of the infected women recover uneventfully and a few develop dysplasia which takes considerable time to develop into Cancer. And this transitional, eminently treatable condition can be detected by PAP smear wherein cells from cervix are collected  with a fine brush or spatula and examined-which is essentially painless.

Science has  given Humans plenty of opportunities to protection of his / her health. The foremost among them is HPV Vaccine-Gardasil or Cervarix. This vaccine is advised for both men and women between 9 to 25 Years( even upto 45 years). Two shorts with a gap of 6-12 months  are advised .  They protect against HPV infection to individuals not already infected. The injection hardly ever produces any side effects other than local pain, swelling & mild faint. Allergic reaction very rarely. It shouldn’t be given to Pregnant.

The next in line is periodic PAP smear commencing from the age of 21 years. If the result is normal it can be repeated after  every 3 years. If Dysplasia is detected it can be very effectively treated by Cold Cautery, Laser , removal of cervix etc. At the time of PAP smear even testing for presence of HPV can be carried out in select Medical Facilities.

Sexual discretion is the topmost preventive strategy. Famous Hollywood actor Mr Michael Douglas attributed his Throat Cancer to HPV infection contracted by him through oral sex. And Condom Use can definitely help in prevention of HPV infection along with others like HIV (Aids), Syphilis, Hepatitis or Gonorrhoea etc.

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